Generated forms in virtual space. conceptual forms in mental space. Horticulture, botany, organic forms. Works on paper. Video art installations of one to six channels. Internet cartography. New Media. Animated GIF. Documentation of new objects installed in older environments over a specified time duration. Legal instruments. Site-specific art works, sculpture. The tension between singular, rarefied, and handcrafted objects and contemporary medias that explicitly embrace infinite multiplicity. Publishing, documentation systems, and archival practices that strengthen public access to art works. Free consumption in public without arbitrary limits.

The care and maintenance of free and open development communities, languages, technical standards, and reference implementations. Software quality, static analysis, diagnostics, and documentation systems. Computer vision, facial recognition, facial detection, object detection, and pattern recognition. Transformations between raster, scalable vector graphics, and four-dimensional bitstreams. Visual representations for formal language constructs. API design and software legibility. The GNU Project (GCC/libstdc++), Fedora (boost, pdflatex), and various standardization efforts (ISO C++, Linux Standard Base, Austin Group.) Current source files of interest can be found on github.

Remix, appropriation, global distribution, and piracy. Machine-adjudicated censorship. Experimental film and video art. The history of early photography, film, television, and network media. Transitions between media forms, hybrid media, and transmedia. Formal analysis, tagging, and augmentation of media source text. Meta-media.