Concrete, moss, oil and acrylic varnish, gitter, silicon beads, inkjet on film, adhesive, glass vials, cannabis seeds from Amsterdam, Netherlands and Humbolt, California.


Form for the long-term preservaton of genetic material: a personal seed vault for rare/legendary/unknown or otherwise meaningful genetics, a miniature Svalbard for a single plant.

Broken Obelisk / Visual ChangeLog


Two inkjet prints (each 18″ x 84″), momigami wrinkles, cast concrete, EMT conduit, LED lights, arduino, sensors, custom software, google drive archive. Dimensions H x L x W (8′ x 6′ x 3′).


New media sculpture and advertisement for a virtual archive hosted on Google Drive. The archive includes all the reading, projects, visual reference material, and audio recordings made over a three-month period at the end of 2015. Entries to the archive were indexed by a written log, aka ChangeLog, a text file that records participation details: in this case, it includes hours consumed by participants, size of media contributed, storage location in the archive, and date.