Space Ray for Tosha

Space Rays for Tosha

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

Two prints using direct gravure and debossing. Fukui green gampi chine-collĂ© on Somerset paper. With Ianne Kjorli. Text by Abigail De Kosnik. Dimensions H x L (30″ x 23″) (76 x 68 cm).


Vertical Diptych.

Gone Awry

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

Portfolio of 33 compositions from The Marfa Project. Inkjet on Kochi paper. Swipe-able epub/mobi e-book on commodity tablet. Text by Abigail De Kosnik. Binding by Carrie Tuccio.

2011, 2013

One art book, two ways. A bound artist book with a blue silk cover that closes with a shell clasp with folded pages that unfurl to create a continuous roll of images. Paired with a hand-held device that supports hand-flicking gestures to speed-scroll through pages.

High Line

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

One print with sugarlift, photogravure, text, vectorization, and aquatint on Somerset paper. With Emily York. Text by Abigail De Kosnik. Dimensions H x L (38″ x 23″).


One print consisting of layers of silver brush strokes on the top half, and a photogravure/poetry composition on the lower half. Image composition for the lower half is a mixture of found NASA moonscape backgrounds, self-portraits in masks, text, and vector line art in various line widths.

The Marfa Project

Portfolio of 84 inkjet prints using photography, typography, and vector illustration. Text by Abigail De Kosnik. Variable size.


Two dimensional graphic composition consisting of one or more of the individual graphic elements displayed above. Site-specific compositions are tiled dyptic or triptych prints and displayed hung on a wall, or as a tiled horizontal grid on a flat, low surface such as a table. One is displayed as a transparent layer over glass windows.