The Anniversary Project

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

A Future Technique

artwork by Benjamin De Kosnik

Cali Contrails

Inkjet on Kochi gampi and pulp paper, wood, magnetic metal rods, cuts, magnets.
Dimensions of Future Technique, H x L x W (51″ x 39″ x 4″) (129 x 97 cm).
Dimensions of Cali Contrails, H x L x W (51″ x 39″ x 4″) (129 x 97 cm).


Two installation pieces to honor events that are 2, 10, 50 and 100 years old. Two horizontal pieces, each with accompanying vertical ensigns. Each piece contains at least one unique mark indicating an anniversary year. There are one, two, ten, fifty, or hundred year anniversary year marks to choose from. Some of the pieces contain multiple marks: a joint hundred-and-fifty year anniversary. A combined ten-, fifty-, and hundred-year anniversary. A massed cloud of ten-year anniversaries. A broken grid of two year marks.

The hundred-year anniversary of John Cage’s birth. The fifty-year anniversary of the favorite dojo opening. A ten-year wedding anniversary. Two-year anniversary of Tohoku tsunami, the two-year anniversary of the Syrian uprising. A child’s first birthday.