Concrete, moss, oil and acrylic varnish, gitter, silicon beads, inkjet on film, adhesive, glass vials, cannabis seeds from Amsterdam, Netherlands and Humbolt, California.


Form for the long-term preservaton of genetic material: a personal seed vault for rare/legendary/unknown or otherwise meaningful genetics, a miniature Svalbard for a single plant.

Marihuana Smokes Herself


Three LED displays, wall mounts, 3 media files, 2 lights, 2 framed photos, 2 cloth pots, one rug, one sofa, two freestanding tumbleweed sculptures. Dimensions H x L x W (9′ x 9′ x 9′).


Three channel video installation featuring a supercut of clips extracted from film and television depicting cannabis use, production, and distribution. My practice is to watch media and note any cannabis on the screen, as if I were a media censor in a time and space of total cannabis prohibition. Over time,this process has created a growing archive of clips that depict cannabis as a character in the larger war on drugs. The sequenced clips in this video installation use this archive, but only the parts that contain a female character on the screen. This subset is further  shaped by new searches gathered from exit interviews, and then using these terms to create subsequent loops with suggested searches such as “giggling,” power and money, dealing, actual medical use, and others.

Notes on the Grove

Notes on the Grove is 8.5 x 11 inches, 105 color pages, softbound.
Log for the Grove is 8.5 x 11 inches, 71 black and white pages, softbound.
Entertaining with Cannabis: A Journal of Concierge Services is 5 x 8 inches, 187 black and white pages, softbound.

Ongoing, started summer of 2015

Notes on the Grove is printed matter that links art practice to horticulture. This serial publication is a combination of The Surfer’s Journal with America’s Test Kitchen or PBS’ Mind of a Chef, but for the general theme of plant cultivation. The companion volume, Log for the Grove, is a blank workbook that contains typeset forms for recording details of botany experiments. A third volume, Entertaining with Cannabis: A Journal of Concierge Services, is an accompanying work of experimental fiction.All books are being given out to selected individuals to seed an exquisite-corpse style collaborative publishing project, due in 2016.


Tumbleweed #2Tumbleweed #1Tumbleweeds (Studio install)

Installation, size variable. One 34 inch LED televisions, wall-mounted in landscape orientation, playing a variety of animated GIFs. One, two, or three forms composed of: recycled 1 gallon black plastic pots, two hundred dried and trimmed medical cannabis stems, physical therapy foam cylinders and spheres, four flowering cannabis plants, white paint. Size variable.2015

A medical cannabis grower in Northern California gave me two enormous bales of over a hundred individual plant stems. I took these discarded remains of medical cannabis cultivation, created temporary forms, and photographed these arrangements. Then, these photographs were animated, and displayed in the background for the next version of the forms, which incorporate more and more cast-off material as the cannabis plants in the next harvest continue through their life cycle.

Drug Money


Aluminum briefcase, lab stand, US dollar-sized washi paper made from Thai kozo and Filipino abaca with shredded USD and medical cannabis trim, beakers, pH and ppm measuring devices, dried medical cannabis plants, money bands. With Nance O’Banion, Michelle Murillo, Aaron Eliah Terry, and Abigail De Kosnik.


Installation using the remains of medical cannabis cultivation, the sale of which equaled the equivalent dollar amount and time duration as one semester of Federal work-study.