Conceptual Cocktails

Two prints using photogravure, text, vectorization, and aquatint. Dropbox archive. Kochi gampi chine-collé on Somerset paper. With Emily York. Dimensions H x L (30″ x 23″)


Two invitations to a Conceptual Cocktail Party.
Composition for each print is distinct, but both have similar elements. Each print consists of an A6-sized invitation in the center-top part of page, framed with slim printing marks to indicate cut lines. This invitation is to a variably-dated party, where the recipient is assured alcohol will be present. The lower half of the composition is an over-sized registration mark, with small copyright text indicating that the viewer has the right to reproduce the composition in any form, with any printing equipment, and that the artist will provide technical assistance. A copy of all digital production files is made available by the artist on request.